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21 Mar 1996 19:17:26 GMT

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>Dear Mr. Wilson:
>All you have to do is tell all your professors to look at the output of
>your work on the handicapped-adapted computer N I U made accessible to
>you. If they can't find the machine, and therefore can't grade your
>work, then tell them that you have official assurance that the machine
>exists. Therefore it must exist. [...]

This argument may need to be extended a bit. It may be possible for
the professor to find this necessarily existing machine and yet find it
inoperable, unconfigured, or incorrectly configured and bereft of any
helpful documentation, causing it to be roughly as useful as a large
mass of non-conductive matter. So, if one has official assurance that
the machine does work, then it must work, etc. Mr. Wilson and I had
our imaginations exercised in this way one day at the SCL.


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