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NOTE: In all fairness, I am Cc-ing this post to Linn Sorge and Nancy
Kasinski. Dr. Rubin, perhaps you should personally invite
them to join Tompaine. Linn, at least, may not know of
its existence.

Thanks Gilbert for providing this information. Although this was
obviously not your intention, I did neglect to include it in my
previous posts.

> (NIU faculty on campus...a little background. The Meteorology program gets
> it's data throught the weather feeds are sent out and
> received through special software, which allows us to get many forms of
> weather data you see on our web page that we produce.)

All of this data is processed, analyzed, and viewed on the Weather
Office computer systems under the jurisdiction of the Geog. dept. in
Davis Hall. Certain required Met. courses focus specifically on the use
of this data, and course "labs" are held in the Wx Office. One could not
do "satisfactory academic progress" work in Meteorology without the
benefit of using these computers.

Also, I want to inform everyone about some additions I've made to my
web page about my experiences at NIU. Remember, you can see them

Dr. Thomas, you forgot to mention this page (and your page on the
the administration's (mis)handling of the student sex-offender outings)
in your list of pages that show what NIU is made of :). Also, I find it
curious that no one commented on a recent Star article (written by a
?former? CAAR employee) about the continuing saga of CAAR woes.
In case you missed it, you can access it from my web page, or you can
find it at:$T700003.HTM
Note: This address must be typed exactly like this due to case
Lastly, for those of you who still doubt my claims about the problems
between the Visual Coordinatior (Linn Sorge) and her supervisor
(Nancy Kasinski) at CAAR, please read the Star article entitled, "Out
In the Cold" from Oct. 5, 1995- which is accessible from my web page
(or at:$tc10002.htm
(remember it's case sensitive)). In it, a former student worker at CAAR
specifically mentions the "fighting" between Sorge and Kasinski.
This person's name is Christine Mow in case any of you knew her when
she was an honors student at NIU- Dr. Stephen, I'm sure that you knew
her since she was a Math Ed. major. Take care, and happy reading.

James G. Wilson
Dennis Rodman

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