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From.: George Shur
To: Domain1.SMTP.""
subject: Your letter of 2/7/96 -Reply

Dear Mr. Wilson

My apologies for not having responded sooner to your e mail message. I was out-of-town last week at a conference. My offer to meet with you still stands. My schedule looks fairly open next week and I invite you to call my office (753-8366) if you wish to schedule an appointment.

It is not my intention to re- hash the events of the past few months and if it is your desire to try to convince me of the merits of your claims against individuals or the university, then our meeting will be a waste of time. However, as indicated in my letter to you, I am willing to discuss the procedures available to you in the event you (a) wish to file a complaint against any university employee because of how she/he/they may have performed professional responsibilities (b) wish to file an internal complaint alleging discrimination and/or how you might go about receiving assistance in the future. I outlined all of the above in my recent letter to you but I am willing to sit down to talk if you did not understand my suggestion) or have any questions about the procedures.

Again, if you wish to meet, please contact my office and I am certain we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Very truly yours,

George M. Shur
General Counsel
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115-2854
Tel. 815/753-8366
FAX 815/753-0701