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John R. Cesario, Esg.
October 22, 1998
Page Four

on February 7, 1997, I wrote Mr. Wilson to explain his procedural rights and I suggested, at the top of page four that:

"Complaints related to staff performance are handled through administrative channels and I have already suggested that, if you wish to file a formal complaint against anyone in CAAR, it should be directed initially to Mr. Bowen...."

A copy of this letter is included at the end of Group Exhibit 1. To my knowledge, Mr. Wilson has not met with Mr. Bowen or Dr. Gresholdt (Mr. Bowen's supervisor) since that time and that was what I was conveying to Mr. Bennett in my letter of May 19, 1998.

Moreover, the evidence submitted by Mr. Wilson to argue that my statement was incorrect relates to meetings he claims to have attended in 1995, before my suggestion that he proceed through the administrative chain of command. For example, the letter from CAAR (Mr. Wilson's Exhibit C) is dated May 24, 1995. In his Exhibit D, a letter dated May 25, 1995, Mr. Wilson provided, as the handwritten notation shows, "Evidence of a requet [sic] for accommodation. " That indeed was the issue at that time -- but not the issue referred to in my February 7, 1996 letter to Mr. Wilson or my May 19, 1998 letter to Senator Mosely-Braun's office.

The second set of allegations -- those relating to supposed misstatements in my letter to Mr. Bennett -- can also be rebutted easily. First, Mr. Wilson contends that my statement that he did not need the use of the University's computer lab during the Fall 1995 semester. I refer you to Dean Frederick L. Kitterle's January 8, 1996, letter to Mr. Wilson (part of Group Exhibit 1), wherein Dr. Kitterle states that his investigation had disclosed that "The Fall 1995 semester began with you taking three course, none of which required the use of the university's computer lab.. (Emphasis in original) See page 2 of said letter.

This, of course, was the basis for my statement to Mr. Bennett.

Mr. Wilson also indicates that I was untruthful in writing that his (Wilson's) academic career was not harmed by all of this and that he remains in good academic standing at NIU. First, I again call your attention to the second page of Dean Kitterle's January 8, 1996 letter in which he states:

"I am informed that at the time of your withdrawal you were doing acceptable work in all your major courses and that it was likely that you would have finished the semester in good standing."

Later, on the same page, Dr. Kitterle notes:

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