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From: James G. Wilson
204 E. Ryder Apt. B
Litchfield, IL 62056-2033
To: Mary T. Robinson September 10, 1998

Re: Disciplinary Hearing against George M. Shur- NIU General Counsel

I am writing to you in an effort to initiate a disciplinary hearing against George M. Shur based on documents he submitted to US Senator Carol Moseley-Braunís office. After receiving Mr. Shurís response (Exhibit A) to Senator Moseley-Braunís officeís inquiry into my allegations against NIU and the Senatorís assistantís (LeRone Bennett III) conclusions about Mr. Shurís claims, I reviewed Mr. Shurís claims and evidence carefully.
Upon examination, I found numerous false statements and evidence that had been tampered with. What follows are examples of evidence that directly contradicts nearly all of Mr. Shurís statements and shows that either he or someone working under his direction intentionally altered a document so that he could be consistent with his false statements.
First and foremost, I want to address Mr. Shurís submission of that intentionally altered document to the Senatorís office (Exhibit B). At the bottom of the first page of Steve Cunninghamís letter of January 11, 1996, the words "did not" are scribbled into the last sentence on that page. Not only was this scribbling NOT a part of the original letter handed to me on January 12, 1996, the statement that has been intentionally falsified to suit Mr. Shurís arguments was originally a correct statement. I did follow all procedures for relief and accommodation through NIUís appeals process including making Dr. Gary Gresholdt (504 compliance officer) and Charles Bowen (Health services director in charge of CAAR) aware of the problems I was having with NIUís refusal to make proper accommodation under the ADA of 1991.
What makes this alteration all the more disturbing is that both Mr. Shur and Mr. Gresholdt sat on that ADA committee. Since, as Mr. Cunningham states in his January 11th letter, all of my submitted materials were distributed and reviewed by the ADA committee, Mr. Shur knew full well what he was doing when he intentionally altered that letter.
Evidence to support that I did, in fact, speak with Dr. Gresholdt can be found in at least three separate documents (aside from the falsified document mentioned above). Exhibits C , D,
and E confirm this. Exhibit C is a letter from CAAR confirming that I had spoken with Dr. Gresholdt Exhibit E (page 3) also shows that Dr. Gresholdt tried to lie about such matters back in October of 1995- thankfully, others in the NIU disabled community held similar letters to back up my claims. Exhibit F (page 5) documents my having met with Mr. Bowen on November 16, 1996.
As if that wasnít bad enough, Mr. Shur, in section 5 on page 3 of his May 19, 1998 letter, refers to the claim that "none of Mr. Wilsonís courses required the use of the Universityís computer lab." This is a blatant lie proposed by Mr. Shur since NIUís own undergraduate catalog decries otherwise. See Exhibit G. To further illustrate that Mr. Shurís assertion is false, Iíve included my lab syllabus from one of those Fall 1995 courses as Exhibit H. Note that "wils" is an abbreviation for my last name. It should be noted that the same professor teaches that course at this time. Also, even a minimal investigation into the workings of the Meteorology program setting (known as the "weather office") will yield evidence of the necessity of using the "Universityís computer lab" on a daily basis.
Mr. Shur also makes the claim that my academic career was not harmed by all of this and that I am in good academic standing with NIU. This, too, is false. See Exhibit I for proof that, as of the end of Spring term 1996, I was put on Academic Dismissal. I donít understand why Mr. Shur would make such false statements in light of how easily verifiable they are unless Mr. Shur has, again, intentionally altered my records.
Having made these points, Iíll leave the rest of my rebuttals to Mr. Shurís false accusations to my file entitled, "The NIU Conspiracy Continues" (written as a web-based document). It is for the above reasons (but, most importantly, the fact that Mr. Shur has intentionally altered documents and aspects of my personal academic record) that I am petitioning your office for a disciplinary hearing against Mr. Shur. Every attempt I made to gain accommodation to NIUís computer labs was met with obstruction, negligence, and/or outright non-compliance, and Mr. Shur participated in an integral way in those obstructions. If you feel you can help with this matter, I will give you copies of other materials relating to this case. Thank you very much for your time and efforts, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


James G. Wilson

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