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Links to Computer Utilities and Info

Windows applications
  • shareware collection
  • WiNDeX - The Windows Index
  • Usenet Newsgroups Index

    Free Downloads
  • Download Paintshop Pro demo
  • Dowload WinZip demo
  • Download McAfee VirusScan demo
  • Download Pegasus Mail utilities
  • Download Netscape Products
  • Download CuteFTP software
  • Download WetSock Weather Updates (Win95 only)
  • Download QuickView
  • RealAudio Homepage
  • Adobe Systems Inc. Homepage
  • Order Free Stuff on the Internet

    Java Utilities and Info.
  • Tegosoft: Self Study Tutorials and Software
  • Brewing Java: a Tutorial

    Internet Utilities
  • Dowload more animated GIF files than you'll ever need
  • Another page full of Animated GIFs
  • Reference for HTML Tags
  • More tips on HTML
  • HTML-RGB color chart
  • GIF size reduction
  • Netscape helper applications
  • 3D and animation plug-ins for Netscape
  • The home of Trumpet Winsock

    Internet Relay Chat
  • The Homepage of MIRC
  • Yahoo listing of IRC Channels
  • IRC-related Documents

    MIDI links
  • Harmony Central's Main Page
  • Assorted MIDI Utilities
  • A Large Assortment of MIDI FIles
  • Cresendo by LiveUpdate