Re: Hi Im new to the list

Dana Crow ( )
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 12:46:11 -0800

You should be able to get the DMG at health food stores. I don't think that the
vets carry it at least not here in Canada.
ICQ #14938543 wrote:

> Lisa,
> Im going to see if my vet has DMC and I will try it. I am now giving pumpkin
> a mixture of bone meal, brewers yeast, wheat bran ,Viatamin C, Kelp and Co
> enzyme Q10 which the book recommended. I put a teaspoon in with her food .
> Also they recommend viatamin E also. It also says to feed her an all raw food
> diet free of additives etc. it can get quiet complicated. Yes Im sure I will
> get lots of ideas here which i will be grateful for:)
> Thanx,
> Marcia and pumpkin

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