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James G. Wilson ( (no email) )
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Hi....I have heard of Dr Pitcairns book, Maybe i will hit the bookstore
and [buy] it. Its funny because i work for a Vet as an assistant but I
use another vet for my animals that i have trusted for many years .
The two have different opionions on Felv. The vet that cares for my
cats never mentioned putting Pumpkin to sleep. They wanted me
to keep her and we would protect my other cats as much as possible.
The one I work for doesnt use Immunoregulin and told me that it would
be best if I found her a home or put her down. So i guess Im the same
as you and will follow my instincts on just doing the best i can for
Pumpkin and my other kitties:) Yes, having a kitten around makes
everyone romp again! How long has it been since you mixed Gretchen
with the 2 positive kittens? Just curiouse. Luck to you also:)

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