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At this point the best way to fight this disease is through trying to keep
the cats as healthy as possible (boost their immune systems, etc.). From
what I have seen once they start having health problems all anyone can
really do is extend their lives for a while. Once they start having health
problems (big problems, not just a URI or something) however it is 100%
fatal. When I found Sunday (5 mo. old) she had a URI, she still get
congested every once in a while but is basically healthily. I give her a
premium kitten food (I don't know if it is available everywhere, only one
place in my area sells it, I am thinking of switching to something more
widely available.), daily vitamin supplement, and a little bit of human
grade protein (i.e. a piece of chicken, etc.). There is one more thing I
have still to incorporate into her schedule and that is a supplement called
DMG or DMC. My vet sells it. She takes care of most of the Felv kitties
in this town and these were her recommendations. By the way the vitamin
supplement I get from my vet is called Nucat. Some others on the list use
one called Favor. They are probably really similar and cats seem to like
both. I know that Sunday just gobbles her vitamins up each day. :) She
also loves her dry cat food which is great because having hard food is good
for their teeth and will help guard from mouth problems that Felv cats can
easily get. I am sure for the next couple of days you will get tons of
feed back. Just sort through and decide what is best for you and your
kitten. Best wishes.

Lisa (Sunday)

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<< It reminded me why I have 5 cats in my household >>
Hey all,
Im new to this list and hope it can be of some help to me:) My name is
and I live in NY. In october I found a kitten and shes tested positive for
FELV. I kept her seperate from my other 6 cats and had them all updated
the vacc. My vet said my cats would be 98% protected from the virus so i
the kitten out. Now Im hearing all kinds of different opionions. I cant
her down and Im going to try to do the best I can for her and my other
What have you all been trying in terms of treatment to fight this disease?

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