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Hi Marcia.... That is a really informative book. You might want to get Dr.
Pitcarin's book too. I introduced these books to the shelter where I volunteer
and they are using them now for reference and handouts. I have 1 negative cat
and 2 positive 10 month old kittens. I stressed over mixing them too. I decided
to mix them and Gretchen, my 6 year old, is acting like a kitten! These kittens
have really made her young again! Gretchen was a shelter cat for 6 months
before I adopted her and she kept my 17 year old cat company for a year. I had
to put him to sleep in Aug.... So I never have really seen Gretchen play like
this! So far she remains negative. Good luck! Jill and Girls

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Thanx for the welcome:) Im just so confused because Im afraid my other cats
will get it even though they are vaccinated against it. I purchased a book
called The New Natural Cat. Its has a diet and vitamin regime to put Felv cats
on to try and boost their immune systme. Has anyone tried this and
vet wants me to start the immuneoregulin injections.....should I ?? Sorry
for going long but I want to learn as much as i can:)

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