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Lisa Pierce ( )
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 10:15:50 -0800

I have thought about trying to train Sunday. She too has a huge facination with the toilet.

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Took George to the vet yesterday for persistent vomitting. We didn't
know til Sunday that it was HIM getting sick and not one of the others!
He was still hydrated fairly well and just needed an antibiotic to get
him going again. :) Now he's happy and healthy as a horse and running
around the house faster than one to make up for being sick.

Chaucer is adapting fairly well, and so are we. He asks for attention
from us more than from the other cats, but that's okay. We're happy to
pet him when we can.

How do you guys feel about toilet training a cat? George has an extreme
interest in the toilet and I am considering trying to toilet train him
as soon as I can afford the gear to get started. If it helps cut down on
litter costs...I'll try it with the others if they show an interest too.
I'll let THEM tell ME if the want to and not vice versa! :) I know my
kits too well to try otherwise.

Gotta run for now. Work to do and never enough time to talk.
Good luck and best wishes to all our feline friends out there.
Cheesecake will be ours in 1999!!!
Laura, and the Brat Pack (Garf, Pix, George, Ambers and Chaucer.)

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