Toilet training

Selena Walker ( )
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 11:35:37 -0500

Dear Laura,

A dear friend of mine had a Himalayan whom she trained to use the toilet.
The method, was to anchor a kitty litter box under the seat with the lid up
(of course), so that the cat would sit on the toilet and use the litter box.
Once he was regularly hopping up on the potty, she put a small hole in
the box (near the centre). Gradually, the hole in the box got larger and
larger, until the hole was the same size as the hole in the toilet seat.
Keep kitty litter in the round box until it is impractical to do so. She, of
course, rewarded him with little treats along the way too.

Deitrich (the himalayan) used the toilet as his litter box until she brought
home a female himalayan as a buddy for him. He then reverted to the
real kitty litter box as his latrine.

I also have a cat who is particularly interested in the toilet, but, he just
likes to watch the water swirl around!

My thought is--give it a try if you're up to it but don't be surprised if all
your cat's interested in is what goes down the toilet as you flush, not
what goes in!


Selena Walker
Stittsville (near Ottawa), Ontario, Canada
in memory of Zachie (June 1982-November 1994)

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