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Hi Gina, Was it assumed Sophia was born with Felv? I'm interested because I
think my kits were born with the virus and from what I understand kits born
with Felv don't do quite as well. Sophia certainly has done well though!! Jill
and Girls

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Hi welcome to the list.
I have a mixed household as well. Before I lost my Rubin lat May, I had 2
positive and 3 negatives. Rubin lived to be 12, he was diagnosed at age 5. My
other postive is Sophia, she will be 5 this May, she has tested positive since
6 months of age, and to this day has not shown any signs of illness. Her
brother is negative, and so are my other 2 babies. They all get their vaccines
All of my kitties are strictly indoors. I change my water bowl often, and keep
the litter boxes really clean. One thing I found that helped my postives stay
healthy is keeping them stress free and feeding them a good diet. I feed mine
a mixture of IAMs and Nutros dry food.

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