Clindamycin for mouth pain?

James G. Wilson ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 22:04:54 -0600

Hey all,

I read this from the alt.animals.felines.diseases newsgroup that
I created some months ago. Someone asked about a treatment for
inflamed gums, and this was part of one of the responses:

"....5mg of Clindamycin drops (liquid) every day for 5-7 days at the
begining of each month, by mouth. It costs me $17.US for a 20ml
bottle of Clindamycin, this will last several months."

Does anyone use this, and is it as effective as this person states?
If so, perhaps it will help FeLV+ cats with mouth problems? Let's
hope so. Take care, and best wishes.

In loving memory of Vyvyan: March 20, 1988 - August 15, 1997

James G. Wilson-

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