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Wed, 03 Feb 1999 20:46:09 +0000

Hi Everybody,
Everybody needs a little lightness in their day and I had to tell you
this. My husband went out last evening to buy postage stamps and came back
15 minutes later with two PUPPIES in his arms! my household
of 50 cats! He said, "Well, you didn't get your stamps because I had to use
the money for these puppies." A boy was "selling" the puppies at the door
to the supermarket. No screening of prospective owners - just whoever had
the money got the puppy. My husband couldn't stand it and "bought" both
puppies! They are adorable - about 8 weeks old, all black and BIG!
Licorice, one of my elderly cats, saw the puppies first and I think every
hair on her body stood up and her eyes dilated so fast you couldn't see the
whites of her eyes. I told Bill this is NOT going to work. After all, my
cats have claws and they aren't afraid to use them! :) Then I also
remembered what Lynn said about how much work they are. So, Bill took them
to our (actually Adopt-A-Pet's) newly purchased dog shelter so they could
be cared for there and they will be assured of getting good homes. I was
tempted, though....They are so darn cute!
More good news we got today - a woman in our area died and left
Adopt-A-Pet, the animal organization we work with, TWO MILLION DOLLARS! Can
you believe it? The bad news is her family is contesting the will so who
knows if or when we will get the money. I just think of how many animals we
could help with 2 million dollars! Please pray the judge rules in our favor.
Okay, just had to share some good news for a change. It seems I've
posted enough bad news in the past few months!

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