Update on George

Laura Jordan ( laura@denverdirect.com )
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 11:11:53 -0700

George and the Brat Pack are extremely hyper today, but that's to be
expected with the winds in the 40-50 mph range since last night. Last
night, the little brat climbed up ON TOP OF my curtain rod. I had to
have my husband remove him for me. He was cute though. I wish I'd had a

I'll get the pics in for the web site once I get a copy of them from my
roommate and find the address again. Shouldn't be too hard to find that.
I'll try to get them out this weekend or first part of next week, and
I'll try to find a suitable pic of me to send with the cat pics.

Talk to you all later.
Laura and the Brat Pack

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