The continuing Loopy saga
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:22:56 EST

In the last episode of our continuing Loopy saga, our little heroine's
neutrophil count had dropped to 450 (overall wbc-3500). After a week of daily
Neupogen injections, her neutrophils have skyrocketed back to 4,000 (overall
wbc-8000). So we know she has the ability to make them on her own, but she's
just not doing it.

I'm still thinking she's sensitive to the interferon. I know the concensus
seems to be that the interferon we are administering our babies is given in
such small doses as not to be toxic nor subject to the major side effects
typically associated with the drug. My feeling, though, is that if we are
administering a dose large enough to be therapeutic, it is large enough to
have a side effect. I know that from our standpoint, as we've changed and
adjusted her interferon dosage, the neutrophils have shown significant

So we are looking for alternatives to the interferon. Jamie, I am very
interested in getting a copy of that article in The Whole Cat, or the ordering
info for the journal. If you or anyone else can get me that info, I'm more
than happy to cover all expenses. Please e-mail me at or
call at 305-819-4228.

Thanks to all of you for your support.


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