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Brenda K. Smith ( (no email) )
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 21:35:59 -0600


I sent this note to you and the subject was Re: The kittens. I don't think
you got it since you haven't responded to it and it still fits the current
subject of food and Smokey's problem as well as perhaps Jangles problem.

I forgot to add in the note below that when I gave Mikey the Booda-Mix I
mixed it in a homemade allergenic lamb food. I used the Cat Allergic Diet from
Dr. Pitcairn's book. But, he still had dry food (Katz n' Flocken) available and
ate it. I would use about a heaping teaspoon of the lamb food, mixed with
slightly rounded 1/4 teaspoon Booda-Mix, add a little warm water to make it easy
to lap, but not slurpy. :)

Hope this helps your Smokey and Shawn's Jangles.

Brenda K. Smith wrote:

> Barb....
> Have you tried Metronidazole for Giardia? I always rule that out with
> new kittens. A 5 day course is not problem whether they have it or not.
> If you have ruled that out I have one other suggestion - fiber.
> I took in a 6 month old kitten in November, 1997. I wormed him for
> roundworms and tapeworms, treated his earmites, had him tested for Felv
> (negative thank goodness) gave him his vaccinations and had him neutered.
> He was a robust, active and healthy-appearing kitten. But, he just did NOT
> form a stool. They were all like cow piles. I tried the Metronidazole for
> the prescribed period. It didn't help. Finally, in desperation since I
> have a IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease cat) I thought I would try fiber. I
> use Booda-Mix 10 Plus (I get it at UPCO and use it for my IBD cat). I mixed
> 1/4 teaspoon in a small amount of canned food morning, dinner and 10 PM for
> Mikey. (I use heaping teaspoon for my 11 lb., 16 year old, Maine Coon IBD
> cat). It almost immediately firmed his stools. I kept it up for months and
> months with no problems and he loved the canned food. Sometime this summer
> I decided to stop the Booda-Mix and see if he still had a problem. He
> didn't. Perfect stools and no more Booda-Mix.
> I forgot to tell you that I tried several different kitten foods before
> the Booda-Mix. I tried Science Diet Growth, Iams kitten food and even Solid
> Gold Katz n' Flocken. Nothing made a difference until the Booda-Mix. Now
> he is healthy, active, eats Katz n' Flocken and perfectly formed stools. I
> don't know what his problem was, but sometimes we just have to treat the
> symptoms.
> Hope this helps you and Smokey. Btw....they are gorgeous boys. You
> must be so proud. :)
> Brenda....
> Moermond, Barbara wrote:
> >
> > The only problem that hasn't been easy to solve is a Smoky's diarrhea.
> > He's had it since early December and it's usually bloody (fresh bloody
> > mucous at the end of each BM). I'm also doing some research on
> > inflammatory
> > bowel disease and idiopathic juvenile diarrhea. If anyone has had any
> > experience with either of these or just persistent diarrhea in an
> > otherwise healthy kitten - PLEASE let me know how you dealt with it etc.
> >

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