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Hi Martha, I'm pretty new to the list (Oct) and I'm learning alot from this
list. You will get lots of advice and suggestions. I've gotten so many I've
started a notebook. Welcome to the list! Jill and Girls

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Hi all!

We're new to the list?we being me, Martha, my fiancee Dave, and our 4 carpet
sharks, Basil, Onion, Mushroom and Sage.
A brief cat history:
1: Basil, 13 year old male, Siamese/Manx mix, acts like he should have been
born into the English aristocratic class. Has inflammatory bowel disease and
is currently on prescription rabbit-protein cat food and prednisone. Tests
2: Onion, 10 year old male, Siamese/yellow cat that hopped over the fence mix,
laid back, mellow, very comfortable in his own fur. Tests negative.
3: Mushroom, 3 year old female, beige/tan/white calico, very delicate
features, huge blue eyes and a voice with the range and volume of an opera
singer. Tested positive on the ELISA test as of 2 days ago. Blood work is
otherwise perfectly normal.
4: Sage, 1.5 year old male, silver Persian, usual response from people meeting
him is "My goodness, what a beautiful cat!" Thinks everyone coming to the
house is his new bestest buddy, including unwanted sales people. Tests

Anyway, we joined the list to get/keep informed because of Mushroom. We have
no intention of putting her to sleep, and there is no way our little family
would tolerate separate living quarters. We are already handling the separate
feeding situation with Basil, and we will handle this too. We just wanted to
introduce ourselves and hope you all don't mind a lot of questions!


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