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Jangles' condition sounds exactly like Smoky's. He's an obnoxiously
healthy ~6 month old kitten with chronic diarrhea. It's very soft
stools followed by bloody mucous. The stool tests are negative. We've
had a course of azulfidine - thinking it was colitis - and the blood
cleared up but the diarrhea didn't. Then we tried Biosol and the blood
cleared up again and while the diarrhea improved, it didn't go away.
Now we are trying a new formula of Prescription Diet called i/d. I'm
slowing switching them over. The blood seems to be clearing up, but
Smoky has developed some NASTY gas. <sigh> Let's keep each other
posted on their respective conditions and treatments. Smoky and Bandit
are going to get snipped next week. It's definitely time. Smoky won't
leave Bandit alone. Ah, well.

Take care,

Barb Moermond
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"Balanchine has trained his cat to perform brilliant jetes and tours en
l'air; he says that at last he has a body worth choreographing for."
- Bernard Taper

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Okay from the start. The lady that found this cat fed him
chicken noodle
soup everyday for a yr and because weather was getting cold she
him to the shelter.That's where I got involved and he hadn't
anything in 2wks(no can food,no dry.wouldn't touch it) and
brought him
home(fed him chicken baby food). The vet put him on Eukanuba Vet
Can(had to force feed),Finally got him to start eatting dry
food.When he
was going potty there was no blood in stool.Every thing was
going fine
for a month,then finally we decided we were going to keep him
and took
him to the vet and had her do a 2nd test and he came out
dewormed him and that's where our problems started.Ever
since,when he
poops there is bright to dark blood in stool.It's not mixed.It's
like he
poops then there is blood on it.Not alot just enogh to
notice.(now it
seems to be more than usual).And the vet thinks it's
think there is a food problem.Cause every food we try he has the
thing.Even if it's dry or can or baby food.But because he has a
murmur she doesn't want to do to much,and doesn't want me to
shell out a
bunch of money to find a problem when he could die any time.He's
healthy cat just has a heart murmur.I don't understand what the
deal is
on that one.Cause she didn't give him his yearly shots
either.She was
concerned about the other cat more.
So, I'm going to bring another stool sample in next week and see
they tell me this time.
And no he doesn't strain to go.
So, that's Jangles life all in a nut shell.And that's where we
Shawn(Jangles & Psycho)

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>Fireks *********** wrote:
>> Thanks Diana.
>> Our vet said to give flagyl to Jangles for 1 wk and if that
didn't do
>> anything she could run some tests as to why there is blood in
>> I did talk to a bunch of people and they told me he could be
>> of stress.
>Okay - this is a *bit* different than my gals. They were
>not under a great deal of stress - most laid-back cats I've
>ever known...
>Also - no sign of blood in the diahrreah - just very thin,
>very explosive (indicating gas buildup also).
>Has your vet suggested trying babyfood for a while? It can
>be expensive, so what I do is get chicken breasts - boneless
>and skinless - and boil them in distilled water, then blend
>them into a thin paste like babyfood. It's the mildest thing
>you can feed them (if they'll eat it). Just don't do that for
>more than a few days (I set a limit at 4) because the cooking
>destroys taurine. Don't give them anything else during that
>time, though - it's sort of the feline equivalent of an all
>potato diet!

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