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Laura Jordan ( )
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 08:08:56 -0700

I simply tell people "Do not play with the cats tummy, it may cause an upset
tummy, then you'll have to deal with me." If they don't stop then, I may start
slapping hands and treating them like a child or a cat that doesn't listen.
These are OUR babies, not theirs. If they want to play with tummy silk, tell
them to get their OWN cat and leave yours alone. I know it sounds harsh, but
sometimes it takes being mean to get the point across to people who are too
selfish or ignorant about animals to listen.

Laura and the Brat Pack (none of whom besides Chaucer likes their tummies
played with either.)

Lisa Pierce wrote:

> Thanks for the advice (sorry it is belated). What do you say to people who
> want to play with their tummies? I have tried to tell people politely but
> they still do it. Maybe I am not firm enough. My vet even did it. I was
> so shocked. The only way I have been able to stop it is by punishing
> Sunday and I feel bad for that but I can't punish the people and sometimes
> they won't stop. help.
> Lisa (Sunday)
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> }She is under a year so there may be hope. I was able to try the hand in
> }the mouth this morning..the first two times she still wanted to play. The
> }third time she went away. She doesn't bite in anger or anything, but I
> }still want her to know that it's not acceptable. Thanks
> Sounds good - I think it will probably work!
> I know it did on the two feral babies - when I
> picked them up to bring them home, one of them
> bit me at the time (which left me spending the
> ride home wondering what story I'd tell when my
> thumb swelled up! Fortunately, it didn't!)
> They did try to bite me at first in play - but
> this technique has stopped them, and I can pet,
> or even jiggle their tummies when they are laying
> out flat on their backs without them trying to
> bite me. If the other brother, or one of hte
> other cats comes over, however, they are fair
> game (I try to prevent ambushes, but don't stop
> wrestling matches until they sound like they are
> getting to be too real. This is true for *all*
> the cats - from the babies to the seniors!).
> Teo will nip at me to wake me up - usually in
> the summer - he will paw away the covers and then
> bite at whatever exposed anatomy he finds. Yipe!
> Since I'm asleep when he does this - I haven't
> been able to stop it other than by closing him
> in another room at night. When I'm awake, he
> doesn't bite unless he's upset.
> Loki tends to reach out and bite at me whenever
> I'm going by - or if I'm not getting food fast
> enough.
> Both were cats I got at about 1-1/2 - 2 years of
> age.
> I don't play with their tummies the way I do the
> babies because of this. Also - I would never let
> anyone else play with any of my cats' tummies -
> strangers may well be considered fair game...
> Diana

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