Re: food

CatWoman ( )
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 06:43:43 -0800

Fireks *********** wrote:
> Thanks Diana.
> Our vet said to give flagyl to Jangles for 1 wk and if that didn't do
> anything she could run some tests as to why there is blood in his stool.
> I did talk to a bunch of people and they told me he could be under alot
> of stress.

Okay - this is a *bit* different than my gals. They were
not under a great deal of stress - most laid-back cats I've
ever known...

Also - no sign of blood in the diahrreah - just very thin,
very explosive (indicating gas buildup also).

Has your vet suggested trying babyfood for a while? It can
be expensive, so what I do is get chicken breasts - boneless
and skinless - and boil them in distilled water, then blend
them into a thin paste like babyfood. It's the mildest thing
you can feed them (if they'll eat it). Just don't do that for
more than a few days (I set a limit at 4) because the cooking
destroys taurine. Don't give them anything else during that
time, though - it's sort of the feline equivalent of an all
potato diet!


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