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Thanks I haven't tried blowing though I believe someone mentioned it when I
first asked. I'll try that. The only problem I can see with that is my
"friend" that likes to play rough with her no matter how many times I ask
him not to, he also blows on her. :( If I were not staying on his couch
temporarily, I would keep her away from him.

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>I know it is belated but thank you for the advice.

Also some belated thanks. I have a rescued kitten (VERY precious) called
Jodie who is blind in one eye. He was rescued from the roughest part of
town and when I first saw him, I was amazed that the vet had not put him
sleep. Anyway he recovered and is fine but plays very rough and got into
the habit of biting really painfully in play. I just happened to read the
advice about blowing in the face of a biting cat and it worked with Jodie
like a charm. He absolutely hated the blowing in his one good eye and now
if he starts to play too rough, I just give two little blows (like pffft
pffft) not even aimed at his face, and he stops immediately. What
advice - I have since passed it on to other people who needed to adress
behaviour problems. Such a simple method - sheer genius, whoever came up
with this one.
Hugs and kittens

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