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Date: 05 February 1999 02:25
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>Dear Mandy,
> Just for the short time I had the puppies here, I saw what havoc they
>wreaked in my house! The shelter took them in to the vet today and they are
>very healthy and they got their first shots and were wormed. Today one of
>the shelter workers came across a guy putting a sign up at the store
>offering "free puppies" so she asked him about it and I am appalled by this
>but he told her the puppies were "already" 10 days old and he was trying to
>place them now! The shelter worker told him they were WAY too young to be
>away from their mother so then he said, oh well, then we'll wait another
>week or two! Can you believe this? Happy ending, though. She enlightened
>him about how long the puppies should be with their mother, she got his
>name, address and phone number, he agreed he will keep them until the
>puppies are at least 8 weeks old and then the shelter will take the puppies
>(6 of them) and Adopt-A-Pet will spay the mother. I guess I'm just shocked
>at how ignorant people can be. Those poor puppies could have died being
>given away so early.
> Judy

I am glad this story had a happy ending - I am sure many (if not most) of
the puppies and kittens that are "homed" so early dont make it. I came
across someone selling pure bred Persian kittens from the back of a van
parked on the side of the road!!! She was selling them for R450 each and
was totally uninterested in my offer to assist. She just wanted the money
and didnt care what happened to the kittens after the new owners had handed
over the cash.
No pre- or post home checks, nothing. And she is breeding brother to sister
What can I say... but that I understand why my cats say they are glad they
are cats and not people. Some times I am ashamed to be a human - but then I
remember that there are lots of caring people out there (like everyone on
this list). Sadly it is often the uncaring ones who seem to stand out.
Hugs and kittens

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