Re: Immunoregulin

kate ( (no email) )
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 14:32:38 +0000


I'm glad to hear the Immunoregulin works subQ. They last vet I took
Gibby to agreed that if he couldn't find a vein that would work he'd
go the subQ method, but he didn't think it would do anything. This
vet has bring wrong before (can we say FIP and titer test?) so I'm
happy your experience proves otherwise.

Best to you and Stinker,

Kate and crew

> Nancy,
> My vet had the same problem with Stinker and at the same time I had
> Stinker's brother getting the shots. The last time, I believe, one of them
> freaked out, the needle went flying and the cat was in his box.:) He
> finally just gave it SubQ from then on. After awhile, he suggested I do it
> at home. My new vets also order it for me when I ask. Did you ask your vet
> about doing it yourself? It might really help your Jake. I give Stinker it
> twice a week when he isn't feeling well. I would be kind of persistent.
> Lynn(Stinker)

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