S.H.L ( (no email) )
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 23:08:31 -0500

Hi Gina, One of my cats sometimes eats way too fast and then ends up
vomiting. It doesn't happen often and it's usually
if he eats dry food and then drinks water. It doesn't seem to be serious
for him as his weight is stable, his appetite is
excellant, and when he does vomit, it contains only the semi-digested
food, no bile or strong smell. He also usually
eats again shortly after, but at a much slower pace.
I wouldn't worry unless it happens again. If your kitty vomits again,
try to notice how soon after eating it was, was
it dry or soft food, any drinking of water after eating and before
vomiting. Also check what she vomited up to make
sure its just stomach contents and not a deeper, more spastic type of
vomiting (you would see/smell bile and other
gastric acids), also watch to see if any changes in bowels and if kitty
is acting different.
If the vomiting seems to be related only to diet than I wouldn't worry
too much, I would try changing the diet around
a little if that seems to be the case.
Kathy B

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