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I haven't been able to check my email for quite a while. I just read about
Mischief and wanted to let you know how sorry I am. I went through the same
thing with Precious. He had 4 transfusions and it was the day before he
died when I found out his marrow was suppressed. I didn't really believe he
would die. We fought the battle for 3 months and did everything we could.
No drug helped. His white blood cells also went on a killing spree
periodically. Precious temp would zoom to 106 and his rbcs would drop
quickly. It was the hardest three months of my life. I try to find peace
in knowing he is not in pain and won't be poked with needles any more. I
hope this helps you to find peace. The fortune I spent and the extra time I
had with my baby were worth the memories but if I had known the outcome I
wouldn't have put him through so much. I know the needles became painful
and he hated his medicine and going to the vet constantly. I only did it
because I couldn't give up on him as long as there was a chance. You are in
my prayers.

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Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 7:00 PM
Subject: Very Bad News

>Hi Everyone,
> Well, Mischief has gone on to the Bridge. He left tonight at around
>5:30. I can barely write this but I'll try. The vet called this morning to
>tell me Mischief's pcv was only 8 but what was worse was he had no "baby"
>red blood cells at all, which means he wasn't making any new cells on his
>own. His white cell count was 32,000, almost twice what it should be,
>meaning he was fighting a massive infection somewhere in his frail body,
>and losing. Then to top it off his blood sugar was over 400. The steroids
>made him diabetic. He couldn't survive with all these strikes against him,
>no matter how hard he tried. The vet said he was skeptical about a blood
>transfusion, saying at best it would last maybe two weeks and he was afraid
>he would have a reaction to the transfusion on top of it. In his weakened
>condition, there was no way he could fight the infection and then he said
>we could probably not be able to treat the diabetes. He said the steroids
>were necessary to try to get Mischief to eat at first but they did in the
>long run cause the diabetes. He said we were actually between a rock and a
>hard place dealing with treatment for him. He said if not actually in pain,
>Mischief would be very uncomforable in the short time he would have left,
>if we initiated any treatment. I couldn't do that to my boy so I let the
>vet help him along to the Bridge. I feel helpless, lost, exhausted. I HATE
>this damn virus. What did these poor babies do to deserve this?
> Thanks everyone for your suggestions, your caring and support. You
>don't know how much that means to me.
> Judy

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