Re: Question about Sophia

kate ( (no email) )
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 12:52:42 +0000

Hi Gina,

No real input here but I'm sort of in the same boat. Ann will also be
5 this spring, has been healthy since she she outgrew kittenhood and
is due for her annual in March. Since Gibby died, I've been wondering
if I should take her in for bloodwork early. Ann never vomits so I
guess if she did two nights in a row, I might take her in early - if
only to get her check up part done and then take her back for her
shots in March.

I hope Sophia is feeling perky today. We all know what a worry it is.


> Hi
> Sophia has been very healthy since she tested postive at age 6 months, this
> spring she will be 5 years old. She has good coloring, her weight is the same,
> she looks good, acts just fine. But the last 2 nights she vomited 2 times,
> each was undigested food, with a little clear liquid mixed in, not alot. I am
> assuming that it is because she ate too fast, and after she vomited she did
> eat more. My question is does anyone think that this is any need for me to be
> alarmed at. She is due to go for her annual exam in March.
> We just recovered from diarhea in the household, not her, just the 2 youngest
> ones that are negative
> Any input would be appreciated
> Thanks
> Gina

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