Re: immunoregulin/breathing problems

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Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:23:27 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

What formula did your Holistic Vet prescribe for Pumpkin??
Kat (Mew Jersey)

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> Subject: Re: immunoregulin/breathing problems
> Hey all,
> Ive been reading all the posts and trying to decide how to treat my sweet
> Pumpkin. Today I took her to a Holistic Vet who perscribed an herb formula in
> order to help her system balance it self and also to help her immune system.
> I asked him about immunoregulin and he said he has had no success with
> it....but he will give it to her if I want. We decided to wait and see how
> she does with his therapies and then go ahead with the immunoregulin later.
> Right now he said she has swollen glands,gums and a slight heart murmer which
> my vet didnt diagnose. Im just wondering if any of you have any opionions on
> this. Its so different from conventional verterinary care.
> Thanx and luck to all,
> Marcia

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