Re: Cancer caused by FeLV or Rabies vaccinations

James G. Wilson ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 14:35:37 -0600

Hey Bonnie,

You can find all kinds of info on Injection Site Sarcoma (ISS)
And, here is "lay person's" guide to ISS:
There is about a 1 in 1000 chance that a cat will develop an ISS from
the FeLV and Rabies vaccinations. That is why the new protocol for
administering these vaccines is in place. Be sure that your vet
knows about this new protocol. The FeLV vaccine is now given in the
*left* hind leg, and the Rabies vaccine is given in the *right* hind
leg. The thinking behind this is two-fold. First, should a sarcoma
develop, it can be isolated in the leg (amputation in the worst
cases) to keep it from spreading. If given in the neck, there is no
way to stop the spread- even surgery usually fails. The second
reason for the leg designation is so that researchers can gather data
about which vaccine may be the bigger culprit. I hope this info
helps. Jeff Kramer (site mentioned above) is a really nice guy, and
he has all kinds of the latest info on this topic. I'm sure that
he'd also answer any questions you might have on this. Take care,
and best wishes.

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James G. Wilson-

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