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Tue, 09 Feb 1999 11:03:58 -0500

you should be able to get the echinacea & colloidal silver at any health
food stores. Even the chain drug stores and
supermarkets carry them around here.
I have to use a humidifier myself, and you must be very concientious
about cleaning them. You don't want to let any
water sit in them where microbes could breed, especially one that has
warmed/heated mist.
The evaporitive type are much easier to clean and they don't form a
white dust, they are also cheeper, but they are
noisier , don't make as fine a mist, and you can't regulate the
intensity of the humidity/mist..
The ultrasonic type can be expensive, are inconvienient to clean (you
have to take apart pieces etc), make a white dust.
They are very quiet and you can direct and regulate the flow of mist.
I got a terrible sinus and URI several times and finally figured out it
was because I wasn't cleaning out the humidifier
well enough (ultrasonic at the time). What I do now is give it a good
sctubbing vith dilute white vinegar at least once a week, and when I add
water during the day, I add several drops of grapefruit seed extract. It
has worked out well this
way and the slimy stuff doesn't build up like it used to.
When Lillian had her bad URI and was all congested, we tried putting her
in the bathroom with the humidifier, but she
would just cry to get out and I couldn't stand it. We ended up just
keeping a couple of humidifiers going all day,
trying to place them nearbye when she would be sleeping/resting, and we
would take her in the bathroom when we
took our showers. This seemed to help her loosen up the junk and breath
a little easier.
Good luck, any increase in moisture in the air should be helpful this
time of year due to increased dryness from having
to heat the house, course if you live in Fla this isn't an issue.
Kathy B

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