Re: breathing problems

CatWoman ( )
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 09:48:25 -0800 (PST)

Karla - one thing - be *SURE* to give it time.

Stormy has now been on Baytril since January 9. We started
all of the more major tests because he was showing no improvement
by Jan 14, so I took him in for X-rays on Jan 18. He had the
bronchoscopy on Jan 22.

All that time, he was taking Baytril. When the results came
back looking like he needed the surgery was when I started
putting him in the bathroom with the humidifier, and adding
the immune boosters to the cats' food. This includes the
Colloidal Silver (minimum dose), Echinacea, Nutro-Biotic,
and just since last weekend, CoQ10.

It took until last Monday, Feb 8, for there to be any signs
that he might get better on his own. He will be taking the
Baytril for at *LEAST* another 3 weeks.

I am *VERY* suspicious that the reason he's having problems
is because he was not given the right antibiotic and not for
a long enough period last November. All of my cats came down
with an upper respiratory virus. The two older cats, Stormy
& Muffin, did not shake it off. Stormy was at a clinic having
radioactive iodine treatment for his thyroid, and was given
2 weeks of Amoxycilin. Muffin, who was home, was given *THREE*
weeks of Baytril. Stormy is the one having problems...

One of the problems with lung infections is that there is very
little drainage - so that was why they were going to take out
Stormy's lung-lobe. They thought that he simply couldn't cough
the crud out.

But - time and persistence is working - so keep at it.


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