Holistic Medicine

Laura Jordan ( laura@denverdirect.com )
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 10:47:25 -0700

Most of us are still new to holistic med, so we'll tell what we can, but
I myself, while strongly believing in it, am a novice where holistic or
homeopathic medicine is concerned. I mostly stick with alopathic (right
word?) or conventional medicine as that is what the vets I have seen so
far practice. I will be sending off for a holistic medicine device next
week and will keep everyone posted as to the results of this. It's a
magnetic pulser that is supposed to render the virus unable to penetrate
blood cells and help rid the body of the infected cells. I'll have to
give a high iron diet and start using the blue green algae and colloidal
silver to help rebuild Pixie's immune system, but like I said, I'll keep
everyone posted from day to day and let you know how things go with
that. It's still very experimental in cats, but I'm willing to try it if
it will finally give us the "cheesecake" we've all been hoping for so
hard for our favorite feline friends.

Laura and the Brat Pack.

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