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That is terrific. You are one heck of a nurse. It feels so good to hear
about other peoples babies getting better. Stormy will be in my prayers.


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Date: Monday, February 08, 1999 12:59 PM
Subject: FANTABULOUS NEWS - Stormy

>People - those Candle Ceremony vibes must have
>been working *overtime*!
>For those who didn't see it (I'd just tucked the
>note about Stormy at the end of another post),
>Stormy, my almost 15 year old, started coughing,
>a deep, croupy/bronchial cough, around the first of
>the year. Cats as they age have problems, but this
>guy has more than his share - he had diabetes 2 or
>3 years ago; and last year had radioactive iodine
>treatment for a thyroid tumor.
>We tried antibiotics for a while, and there didn't
>seem to be any change, so we had him x-rayed, and
>found that the center lobe of his lung was shadowed.
>So - he went in for a bronchioscopy (a scope on a
>tube is threaded into the lungs, where the lung is
>looked at). The lobe was full of crud. They were
>able to extract some of the cells, but no definite
>diagnosis could be made - but the upshot was that
>there was crud in the lungs that he couldn't get rid
>So - they wanted to go in and remove that lobe. I
>had scheduled the operation for today - the first one
>available for the specialist. Meanwhile, I was giving
>him antibiotics daily, and keeping him in the bathroom
>with warm/damp air.
>Dropped him off this morning, figuring I'd be picking
>him up sometime around 6 for a fast ride to the emergency
>clinic to be monitored over night. Had made arrangements
>to take part of the week off to monitor him, and had
>gotten a friend to agree to come with me on the drive
>in case something happened (lung surgery is *really*
>So - I just got a call from the vet - first thought was
>that she'd found he was really FeLV+ and it was really
>BUT - she said he looked so good that whatever I'm doing
>is *WORKING*! She did NOT want to operate, but to
>continue the warm/damp air and antibiotics, and do a
>re-check in 2-3 weeks!!!
>(whose credit cards are also relieved!)

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