Re: Special home food

Francine Prager ( )
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 10:09:56 -0800

> Blas, one of my FIP+ cats, is very anemic and he's losing weight day by
> day. I have sought for Pet-Tinic at pet-food stores an farmacies but they
> haven't got it.

> Are there any very nourishing and inmmunologic stimulator 'homespun
> shake' that could be supplied into his mouth with a syringe?.

Hi Cesar,

Sorry to hear about Blas. Pet-Tinic is bought at a veterinary clinic
(although not all of them carry it-perhaps you can call around).

I have found if a kitty is not eating, anything you can get into him is
nourishing. Perhaps your vet has a food called A/D. It is for both cats
and dogs and is supposed to be very tasty-something that appeals to sick
animals. You can syringe it into his mouth as it is a liquid-y texture.

Good luck with Blas.


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