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I agree!! This list is filled with amazing, compassionate, generous,
warm, loving, understanding people!!! Lots of hugs and head-butts and
purrs to everyone!!
Ninja went to the Bridge in September and I still miss her. Smoky and
Bandit are wonderful new friends, though, and I am looking forward to
spending many happy years with them:-).

Barb Moermond
State of Wisconsin - Higher Educational Aids Board
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"Balanchine has trained his cat to perform brilliant jetes and tours en
l'air; he says that at last he has a body worth choreographing for."
- Bernard Taper

In loving memory of Ninja (1990? - Sep. 9, 1998)

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Subject: ditto on thanks

Hi everyone,
    I also want to thank everyone for the support and advice. It
is hard to find people who really understand what it is like to have a
sick pet and when you lose that pet the feelings involved.
I have children and my pets are just adopted children they are
important too. I also have dealt with people who do not understand the
value that pets bring to our lives.
   Frankie is not doing well. His breathing still is very
labored and I am still holding some hope for him but know the
responsibility I have to make sure he does not suffer. I thank everyone
for all the good vibes and prayers for frankie.
                                            Thanks Karla

                 P. S. Happy Valentine' Day

Chris M. Starrett  -
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