off topic - Smoky & Bandit - kinda long

Moermond, Barbara ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 17:45:46 -0600

Well, the boys are no longer breeders. They have recovered COMPLETELY
from the procedure and are back to their destructive little selves:-).
While Smoky was under, I asked the vet to take a look at his colon to
see if there was anything obvious potentially causing the bloody
diarrhea. They didn't have a small enough endoscope, so the vet wasn't
able to do a full colonoscopy, but the distal end of the colon was free
of lesions and looked totally normal. So. I spoke with my vet and we
are going to continue the pumpkin (excellent way to add fiber to a
kitty's diet - and most kitties LIKE it - it's very weird) and do some
more tests on his stool to see if we can find anything out before we
send him to the UW-Vet School for a colonoscopy.

Poor kitty. Not really, though. He is obnoxiously healthy in every
other way. Their weight's as of Thursday the 11th were these: Bandit
at a respectable 6.5# (he's a very long skinny kitty) and Smoky the
House Puma at a whopping 8.75#!! Not too bad for a couple of 6-month
olds:-). Whenever they yawn, I look at their adult canines and try to
extrapolate how much larger they will get. They both have quite a ways
to go! It'll definitely be interesting to see how big Smoky is when he
finally stops growing.

I dropped them off at the vet's Thursday morning and my mom wanted me to
do some grocery shopping for her and while I was at the store I was
checking out the pet stuff (doesn't everyone?) and they had the best
selection of cat toys I've seen. So. I bought some. OK. A lot. :-).
And the best part is, that everything was a big hit:-). Ninja just used
to give me this look like: excuse me? Is that for me? Why? Yeah,
mom, whatever. (I really miss her attitude!!)

I'll keep y'all posted on Smoky's diarrhea problem....

Sending excess kitten energy and purrs to all in need...........


Barb Moermond
State of Wisconsin - Higher Educational Aids Board
<> - (608) 266-3091

"Balanchine has trained his cat to perform brilliant jetes and tours en
l'air; he says that at last he has a body worth choreographing for."
- Bernard Taper

In loving memory of Ninja (1990? - Sep. 9, 1998)

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