Re: Authority cat food

Gabriela Méndez Pérez ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:53:51 -0600

Hi, all--

Yes, as Jill mentioned, I do use Authority Cat Food for my gatos
fregados (darn cats!). They do like it very much, but they also like
Sensible Choice and Nature's Recipe. I'm not familiar with Nutra Max at
all, but would be very interested to know what the ingredients are. I
have been offline for a while, due to pesky monitor problems (let me
tell you my viewpoint on something here, admittedly off-topic--I'll
never again buy one of those daggum extended warranties; what a waste of
almost $200! I should have listened to my dad [shhhh. . .don't tell him
I said that]), so if you've already posted the ingredients for Nutra
Max, then please email me privately. Just to clarify--Nutra Max is NOT
the same as Nutro Max Cat, is it? If so, I've tried that one, and
please don't bother posting the ingredients, as I already know what's in

For those of you who remember me saying that Sensible Choice was
disgustingly expensive here, I must now undergo an attitude adjustment
and tell you that recently a local store began carrying larger bags of
it, and the prices are (by my standards, anyway) reasonable. I think I
was quoted $10 for an 8 lb bag, and $20 for an $18 lb bag (this lasts
about 4 1/2 weeks with my six cats, who eat a mix of dry, canned, and
raw). I know that's a lot compared to supermarket brands, but my cats
do love the stuff and it appears healthy enough, for a dry food.

Also, I would like to let you know that I found a new brand of canned
food which appears to be the Petco label brand (Master's Gold, I think
it is), and the ingredients look good here too--no by-products, and the
meat source or meat broth listed first, and at a whopping price of 49
cents a can (about 6 oz, if I remember correctly). What a bargain!

Okay, I'm done talking about cat food.

Gabby and los gatos fregados (the darn cats!)
Bello Grigio, Pénelope, Ágata, Garbanzo, Moby and Paloma
(and, in absentia, Berenice, Squeaky, Wolfie, and Fu Manchas0

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