Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:48:26 EST

I would definitely get Tom on ImmunoRegulin and Interferon ASAP. It will take
the antibiotics a few days to kick in - did your vet give Tom a shot to bring
his fever down? My Majika got sick a couple of weeks ago and although I
started her on antibiotics (Orbax) immediately, I took her to the vet who gave
her two shots, one to bring the fever down and an antibiotic (not sure what).
By the time I got her home (about five minutes), she looked like her old self
again and went straight to the food dish (Science Diet a/d) and ate (she
hadn't eaten anything up 'til then). I could tell for the next couple of days
she didn't feel great, but she was a lot better and is now doing great again.
They do go downhill very fast and I think the shots worked a lot faster than
the pills. Good luck. Sherry

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