Kathy Giddings ( )
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:57:58 -0500

> Hi Everybody,
> Good things sure do come in small packages! Two new bundles of
> joy arrived at my house last Saturday! They are the half brother and
> sister of Saki who came right after Christmas, and they are 7 weeks old
> yesterday! They've checked out fine at the vet and are now keeping me
> amused and very busy. But I have help. Saki just adores them and is
> being mother, father, uncle and babysitter!
> As usual barb has done a wonderful job in so quickly getting
> their pictures up for you all to see. Tori is the little boy and Nikki
> is the girl.
> See them at:
> Kathy G and the Fab Five
> Smokey, Money, Saki, Tori and Nikki
> Christmas Angel - Rusty (1983-1998)

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