Re: My Kitty Tom

barb ( )
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 16:39:01 -0500

Tom could be dehydrated and may need fluids ASAP. The diluted urine
could be a sign of Acute Kidney failure also. If he has a severe Urinary
tract infection, it could have spread up to his kidneys. Also, the low WBC
count, if it was 2000, if bordline dangerously low. We have used a drug
called Neupogen with great success, that stimulates the body to make WBC's.
Getting his WBC count up will go a long way in helping him fight the
urinary infection.
One thing almost all of us have found out is once a vet knows a cat has
FeLV, they tend to say, why treat this or that, they are going to die
anyway. ALL his troubles are because of the FeLV, which is not always
true. If this vet will not be agressive as you want to be, find one that
will. Your cat sounds as tho he needs immediate help. Do you live near a
big university or college with a vet school? They often have a clinic and
tend to up on all the newest things. Worth a shot. Good luck and let us
know how Tom and you are doing. barb

"No, heaven will not ever Heaven be: Unless my cats are there to welcome
me." Unknown

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