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Thank you!!!

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I would definitely call other vets because there may be something you can
do, but you may need to do it *now*. As far as I know (and I'm *not* a
vet), RBCs of 25 are not emergency yet, but if they go a lot further, they
would be. I don't know how your vet can say that the FELV has affected
his bone marrow without trying interferon or immunoregulin or prednisone
to see if the RBCs will come up (again, this is my experience--not an
authority). I and many others on this list have had wonderful experiene
with interferon and immunoregulin plus I have had to use prednisone on my
Jake for a long time because his immune system keeps killing his
platelets. Most of us have our cats live longer (some still with us)
because of these new drugs--they are *not* cures, but for many of us they
have given us more quality time with our beloved pets.

If you can get hold of a product called Pet Tinnic. Most vets have it or
veterinary suppliers. It's an excellent product for the blood. Also make
sure he's eating, force feed him if you have to. A/D, a food by Hills
should be available from a vet. Often times cats like this product. You
might try a urinary acidifier. Usually available from a vet supply, also.
Try raw chicken or beef liver, warmed slightly. They like this too and
it's good for the blood.

Keep on line--we will support you and give you advice as this continues.
Good luck, STacy. We're here with you. Nancy

The doctor warned me that the fel. leuk. had finally affected
> his bone marrow, and that this could be the beginning of the end. He put
> him on some routine antibiotics to try to kick the bladder infection. I
> asked him about drugs such as interferon, etc., and he said he could check
> into getting them and the cost, etc., but that he really didn't believe
> were any help. Now Tom has been on the antibiotics for three days, and he
> is getting worse. He is finally eating some, though he needs lots of
> encouragement to do so. He is weak and lethargic, and I fear he is maybe
> hallucinating. He is gazing around as if following the movement of a fly
> bug, but there is no bug, and he prefers to hide in the cabinet where it
> dark. I could not get off work to stay home with him and I'm really
> that my doctor is just not going to do anything to work with me on this.
> worry that he should maybe be on an IV or that there is something else we
> are not catching. The doctor also said his urine is extremely diluted.
> Does anyone have any advice? I plan to call around to other vets during
> lunchbreak, and to go home to check on him. I don't want him to have to
> ride in the car in this state. His health just went down so fast, in just
> few days time. I would appreciate any advice.

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