Re: Safe?

CatWoman ( )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 12:26:54 -0800

John Schestag wrote:
> Diana and group,
> She's pregnant ...... (sorry). She's more than 3 weeks and she doesn't
> present with any malities that would suggest felv. I've wanted to have
> this cat fixed but I can't catch her and our local county "cat killers"
> want to set traps if I ask for their help ... so I don't. They take
> down your call for help as an "animal compaint".

I gather you don't have any rescue groups in your area? Quite often
groups have their own traps...

Anyway - while I agree that I'd prefer to not have the kittens
euthanized - and while there may be homes available - any kitten you
can stop happening means another one will have a chance at a home.....

Sad, but true.


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