Re: Safe?

John Schestag ( )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 14:15:03 -0500 (EST)

Diana and group,

She's pregnant ...... (sorry). She's more than 3 weeks and she doesn't
present with any malities that would suggest felv. I've wanted to have
this cat fixed but I can't catch her and our local county "cat killers"
want to set traps if I ask for their help ... so I don't. They take
down your call for help as an "animal compaint".

I pay $35 to have them fixed. If they have a male only special, I plan
ahead and feed, then catch and adopt strays and have them fixed. If I
had the knowledge, I'd save all kittens and fix the males with the safe
and sterle exterior rubber bands that stops blood flow to their balls
and they wither and fall off and give females a shot to fix them
chemically that stops all egg production forever without any pain. The
local vets would have me sued in court for takng away their business
without a license.

Thanks, John

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