Re: Lizzie's Lymphoma

John Schestag ( )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 11:12:03 -0500 (EST)

Barb and members,
I'm just looking for an oral chemo if there is one. I also have a white
Poodle, "Muffett" (4.5 lbs) who loves Lizzie but not Betja, who is a 10
yr old tux with all of the extra toes of a Hemmingway with a purrfect
little black heart nose you have to see to believe. She's small and is
the boss.

I also have the feline mob: Moolite, Callie, Callielite, Limpy, Chops,
Ragmuffin, Smudge, Rootbeer, MisterMiss, Angie, Blackie, Butterball
MisterMaster and I've lost MooJr, Midnight, Jabette (smartest cat in the
world), and kittens, Blaze and Sorta. I had a Cocker as a kid and
numerous cats. Tommy (cat) lived inside and out for 22 yrs, before a
dog killed him while he was sleeping in the sun on the porch steps.
Tommy's mom, Missy lived to 20 and ate fresh fish daily.

I rescued two starving kitty sisters, Puss and Boots, (yes, a female
"Boots"), left in the post office. They are now 14 lb elegant "royal"
cats with their own 14 x 16 ft. room full of toys, both have private
toilets, dining rooms, beds, etc. A ladyfriend has spoiled them at her
home and loves them dearly.

I get them shots and fixed and this is my first fight with cancer in a
kitty. I keep Lizzie away from the others by rotating them in a
multi-room shell game all day long. They have their cancer shots that I
hope works, but I keep Lizzie away from the rest just in case. I miss
my 87 pound German Shepherd/Husky mix who loved sleeping with cats
draped all over him but he didn't like other dogs. He died of old age.
I had 4 race horses and one "Dealie" let a cat ride on her back in the

My deceased mom and dad rescued numerous cats from a California beach
park they were visitiing and my dad built homes for each of them out of
cardboard boxes. She went to the Santa Cruz newspaper and the reporter
wrote an article, "Florida Woman Opens Cat House on Beach". All but two
were adopted in a week and one rich grand dame had her driver deliver
cases of white tuna for them, (not cat food, mind you).

The picture in the paper showed my mom with dozens of little tails
eating a good tuna meal and warm milk. She kept two, Jade and Aptos.
I'm still single and need to find a caring lady who loves these little
blessings from God without making fun of me. I've spent close to a
$1,000 on Lizzie and the vets come up with more ways to spend and not
tell you if it's going to do any good. Well, time to feed the mob.

All the very best to you all, John

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