Re: Stinker

Sonja Lüders ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 10:21:04 +0000


We are thinking very much of you and Stinker over here and all our
fingers and paws (all 48 of them) are crossed that he will pull through
once again, brave and gallant fighter that he is!
Sorry not to be posting more, I hardly get to the computer these days as
I'm preparing to go home to Vienna next week for a fortnight.
Hope you are all here when I return

Love to all kitties and listers from Portugal,
Lynn or Josiah Stickels wrote:

> It doesn't look like Stinker is going to leave right now.:) The vet
> suspects that Stinker is having a bad reaction to the Interferon. He
> has been running a low grade fever and she said it would make him feel
> miserable. I am to quit the Interferon for a week and then see if he
> gets any better. His eyes in themselves are fine. The problem is
> neurological. She had me add L-Lysine to his supplements. The
> Lactoferrin will be here Monday. It is an anti-viral. I read up on
> it and it sounds very promising. Anyway, I now have some peace of
> mind.:) Thank you all for being here. Lynn(Stinker)

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