Reply from Darcy's mom

Tiffany ( )
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:19:17 -0700

Here's the latest e-mail from Darcy's mom. She sends her thanks to all
and I'd like to add mine! You all are a wonderful bunch of people!


Thank you for relaying all the messages about Darcy! I'm amazed at how
kind and concerned everyone is -- such a good feeling!

I'm sorry Darcy's story was so long; really, I just wanted people to
know what he's been through ever since he was born, and that in spite of
it all, he never gives up. Anyway, I spoke at length with Dr. E. today,
and Darcy will be introduced to immunoregulin tomorrow afternoon.

You know, it's very comforting to me that there are so many people "out
there" pulling for my little boy and keeping him in their thoughts and
prayers. Darcy and I send each of them our heartfelt thanks! :-) :-)

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