Re: Candle ceremony

Laura Jordan ( )
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 11:03:56 -0700


Thanks for another cute story to make me laugh. The candle service is a
thing we do weekly, where we light a candle and say the prayers for a cure
for our little four footed friends. We all try to do it at the same time in
our own time zones each week and it should be posted here every week. If you
want to add a request, just post it here and the person, I think it's Brenda
now, who's handling it will add your request for help in our prayers portion
of the service. It does work wonders.

Laura and the Brat Pack

John Schestag wrote:

> What is the candle list and who maintains it? Please add my Lizzie.
> You all are such nice people to care for these little beings. I still
> laugh when I remember my Jabette doing her "mouth chatter" when a bird
> was close to the screen door and she was laying her body down as flat as
> a pancake. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and she'd attack the
> screen and acted like the great hunter.
> I drove my mom up to Michigan for the summer in my RV and Jabette sat in
> the front window (like a bouncing head toy). I'd then fly back to work
> in California. Once at the lake in Michigan, we saw her in the front
> window with two huge black eyes and a meow whimper sort of "gulp" coming
> from deep in her throat. Mom and I looked out and coming up from the
> beach was a couple of huge 45 lb Canada Geese. Jabette looked
> horrified, (probably thought her karma was getting even with her for
> chasing all of the Florida birds.) Me thinks she spent a little extra
> time in her litter box that night. Thanks, John

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