Re: (Fwd) A plea

John Schestag ( )
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 10:24:59 -0500 (EST)

Dear Michael and wife,
The painful ache will last and last ..... too long, it seems. You and
your wife are clearly in a state of shock. I'm a new member too, with
my felv+ Lizzie, who also has lymphoma. After reading your plea
postings, I went and picked up Lizzie and held her in her "blankie" she
loves and rocked her and enjoyed her weakening head bumps and shallow

Her eye is getting more swollen and it's killng us. She hates her pills
and medicine so many times a day. Her appetite is not good and we're
going nuts looking for the right thing to do. The beautiful candle lite
prayers that were posted were terrific! As a fellow "newbie" to this
list .... this group is super, even if you just lurk and love kittys.

I, too, felt like I was crashing a party at first with my long postings
like the long Darcy's story, (that I loved) ...... due to the fact that
a member, Alex Gorodetzky, posted he was forced to quit the group
because of too much e-mail from this group. I hope he didn't quit. I
feel I'm guilty, so I'll keep my posting "very" limited in the future or
just lurk and learn from many helpful and informed people like James
Wilson's hard work demonstrates.

My sorrow is with you, Michael, and has brought me closer to my Lizzie
and all of my healthy cats. Take a deep breath, hug your wife and read
the candle llight verses together. Lizzie just gave me another head
butt. She's telling me to stop bothering people by sending my long
messages and just lurk and learn with Michael.

All the very best to you and the group.
God Bless, So long, John

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