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Laura Jordan ( )
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:04:24 -0700

I read your next message just after typing a reply to the first. I'm really sorry
that you lost your kitty so quickly. I know how hard it is to lose them so quickly. I
went through the same thing when I lost my kitty over the summer. He had lost a lot
of weight, we took him in, he was diagnosed positive with lymphoma, we put him down a
few hours later. It's really hard to lose them so quickly. Don't leave though! You
may find something here to help your vet help others who are in the same boat!

Laura and the Brat Pack.

James G. Wilson wrote:

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> Subject: RE: (Fwd) A plea
> Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 21:58:28 -0800
> Thanks to James G. Wilson for forwarding my earlier message. Just minutes
> after writing this, on Sunday, I talked again with our vet. Our little
> friend had died. How quickly things so close to our hearts come and go.
> Now, the next day, my message finds it's way to your list, and I'm
> anticipating help and suggestions to come quickly; I want to be quick to say
> we can no longer use them, and to thank, in advance, those whose warm
> thoughts will likely be forthcoming. I'll "lurk" on the list for a few days
> and then, most likely, [leave the list]. In that moment when we were looking for
> a resource it was nice to discover that you were there.
> In loving memory of Vyvyan: March 20, 1988 - August 15, 1997
> James G. Wilson-

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